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Insulation Services

Astro Insulation provides a range of economical and premium insulation services to meet your needs. Our products offer superior soundproofing and fire-resistance. We also have chemical free options as well as products that will not and cannot support mold growth. Plus, our products are eco-friendly and made from mostly recycled materials.

Spray Foam

Spray foam, available in open cell or closed cell applications, is the most efficient, highest performing insulation available. The foam is designed to expand on contact, filling all gaps and voids to form an airtight seal – which means virtually no air leakage. Spray foam provides the best energy-efficiency, sound-proofing and air quality when compared to other insulation methods. It also offers the best return on investment.

Insulation Services


Batt insulation, made in rolls of standard widths to fit between wall studs and attic or floor joists, is a commonly used method for insulating homes. Fiberglass batts are now available in medium- and high-density varieties that offer slightly higher R-values than other batt products. Plus, EcoBatt is made from renewable bio-based products so it’s environmentally-friendly. This is an economical choice for standard insulation.

Insulation Services    Insulation Services


Blown-in insulation is loose-fill fiberglass, rock wool or cellulose insulation that’s blown into building cavities or attics using special pneumatic equipment, and is installed by a licensed and trained professional. Properly installed, BIBS (Blow In Blanket System) provides a greater R-value by filling gaps and voids better than batts. This type of insulation also provides impressive acoustical benefits.

Insulation Services    Insulation Services    Insulation Services

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